OPEN 2020

We are thrilled to introduce you to the 14 new and exciting ventures that were created in the last 15 weeks at HUJI Innovate's OPEN Venture Creation Programs.

In this page you can watch the recorded Demo Day event or read about the all of the ventures:


Tech-Based Venture Creation

The 3D printing market has yet reached its full potential. We’re developing a miniaturized, highly mobile robot-mounted 3D printer, allowing us to print in places and for applications considered impossible until now.

Yonatan Biniuri, Gilad Davidson-Rozenfeld, Daya Rozenfeld

Our project strives to implement an innovative technology using an optoelectronic biosensor at the heart of which are genetically engineered bacteria. These bacteria continuously monitor their environment and generate an optical signal in response to the presence of target chemicals in the environment, offering a powerful tool for in situ real-time monitoring that is relevant for a wide range of applications.

Yossi Kabessa, Isaac Kabessa, Odelya Mantsura

Ivy is an employee-2-employee micro-mentoring cloud service platform, enabling small to medium organizations to easily run peer-2-peer mentoring programs on a large scale.

Guy Magal, Ori Zifroni, Muly Gelman

One platform that manages all of the user's subscriptions in a clear and simple way and that allows actions such as subscribe or unsubscribe in just 1 swipe to any subscribed service.

Mor Turgeman, Asher Guedalia, Uria Eksztajn

OPEN Health

Medical Venture Creation

Tremolo's goal is to enable people with tremors to effectively use a computer. Using unique machine learning algorithms, our system smooths the cursor's path on the screen and makes it usable. Tremolo records anonymized user data in aggregate in order to analyze and improve it's system's effectiveness.

Gilad Erlichman,Dan Boujenah

PXR is an emergency room product aimed to improve a patient's experience, from entering the emergency room reception, and all the way to being discharged.

Alon adler, Avraham Ohayon, Almog Hillel

A low cost diagnostic skin patch, which detects and alerts for preliminary signs of heat stroke among high-risk groups such as competitive athletes and soldiers, so measures can be undertaken with minimal delay in the field.

Vladi Babushkin,Miel Baruchi

AidDHD is an AI platform that is designed to help users identify and improve their learning and coping processes with the difficulties that arise from their ADHD. The product is based on academic research as well as a proven treatment method that has been validated with multiple subjects.

Orit Fisher, Ifat Valder Shokrun, Dotan Simchovitz, Shay Weiss

Simple MD is a mobile service that assists ER medical staff to lower their work burden and improve their efficiency.

Yam Horesh, Raphael lieber, Yael Akerman Karidi


Agriculture, Food and Environmental Venture Creation

Hopa uses a unique technology to grow fungi and create cutting edge materials, using a circular economy model. Using a specific merging of fungi species, growth conditions and processing methods, we will transform organic materials to quality, compostable, packaging materials. Our products will close circles and reduce waste, while creating high value environmentally friendly solutions.

Rotem Cahanovitc Yotam David Gal Benyamini

AKLIM is a climate control system, based on methane gas as a primer energy source.

Noam Levy, Shir Pessach

Pigmentum is an agro-tech company in co-operation with a leading expert in the field of genetic engineering in plants. Professor Alexander Vainstein has developed an innovative molecular mechanism that enables us to use external gene activation in plants in order to create unique products, beginning with pigment changes & designs.

Tal Lutzky, Amir Tiroler

BioShade is an initiative product that addresses the problem of urban heat islands by creating efficient shading and cooling by using a unique platform and system adapted to grow shading plants at scale in urban settings

Peleg Bar-On, Nir Berholtz

AguaSol is a self-learning digital platform that provides custom-made energy plans for vertical farms. The software optimizes the use of renewable energy, energy storage, and energy management according to the farm needs, taking into account the daily weather forecast and the environmental conditions surrounding the farm.

Yoni Israeli, Alexander Meshoulam